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3 mal 9 -> 999 – Trejos Devynerios – folgende Informationen habe ich im Web gefunden:

Trejos Devynerios means 3 x 9 in Lithuanian and this drink comes in 3 different colours, red, green and this amber colour. They all have different tastes and this one is my 2nd favourite.

I like this drink because it’s not some popular modern concoction like Archers or something but a drink with some history. The story goes that in the late 1800’s a packet of herbs and a bottle of vodka were included with instructions and sold in a Lithuanian pharmacy in the now relatively popular seaside resort of Palanga. Trejos Devynerios was said to have derived from an old 15th/16th century recipe that was also used to produce Riga Black Balsam and had been used for hundreds of years prior to cure stomach and intestinal problems and protect knights from disease and keep them warm! The original instructions for that first bottle sold in Palanga can now be found in the Lithuanian History Museum.

It is said to contain 16 different ingredients and the German drink Kreuter Micke claims to have borrowed the recipe from “Lithuanian monks” for their drink too.

* Buds of black poplar (Populi gemmae)
* Paprika fruit (Capsici fructus)
* Cloves (Caryophylli flores)
* Oak bark (Quercus cortex)
* Marigold blossoms (Calendulae flores)
* Bay laurel leaves (Lauri folia)
* Peppermint leaves (Menthae folia)
* Dill fruit (Anethi fructus)
* Hawthorn fruit (Crataegi fructus)
* Common wormwood herb (Artemisiae absinthii herba)
* Fragrant pepper (Piperis aromatici fructus)
* Lovage root (Levistici radices)
* Great wild valerian root-stock (Valerianae rhizomata cum radicibus)
* Cone of the hop (Lupuli strobulus)
* Bigarode pericarp (Aurantii pericarpium)
* Alder bark (Frangulae cortex)
* Willow bark (Salicis cortex)
* Caraway fruit (Carvi fructus)
* Birch buds (Betulae gemmae)
* Meadow-sweet herb (Filipendulae herba)
* Saint-John’s wort herb (Hyperici herba)
* Saint-Joseph’s herb (Hyssopi herba)
* Milfoil herb (Millefolii herba)
* Thyme herb (Serpylli herba)
* Silverweed root-stock (Tormentillae rhizomata)
* Mountain-ash fruit (Sorbi fructus)
* Sweet brier/eglantine fruit (Rosae fructus)
* Ethanol 40% (Ethanolum 40 %)

Supposedly you are to drink about a shot a day to keep you healthy and regular but in reality Lithuania is just as much a shot culture as anywhere else and youngsters happily swill it. The best way to describe the taste is it simply feels like you’ve run around the forest taking a bite out of just about everything, some tinges are great, some not so great but the overall taste is pretty good. Another one for those who like herby drinks! It tastes stronger than Green Nines and Red Nines which I am to review next.

Summary: It’s this or Black Riga Balsam to keep you healthy!

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