FOTO: Mikrowelten

Fantastische Miniaturwelten – vom Photographen und Webdesigner Kurt Moses. Nachzusehen auf seiner Website. auch käuflich zu erwerben, in Serien. Klasse 🙂

Un Petit Monde (A Small World)
With the help and loving support of my wife, I photograph miniature toy figures in real world settings. We have titled this project Un Petit Monde (A Small World). My goal is to initiate a storyline and capture an evocative photo that allows the viewers to draw their own conclusions about the scene they are observing.

The miniature figures I use in my photographs are less than one inch in height or 1:87 scale. I arrange them in common and sometimes not so common situations as if they co-existed with us in the real world environment. The locations I choose are natural and/or man-made, and always real. I use available light and work with whatever conditions are present at the time of the shoot. Variables such as weather, humans, insects and animals can be unpredictable and because we share the environment, these variables influence the outcome of the final image.

I get my inspiration from my past experiences, places we travel to, and how I view life and the world around me. Ultimately, I strive to create a whimsical and enticing photograph that will capture the viewers imagination and allow them to dream up their own conclusions… or just smile.

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