DMIS: Somalia – Floods : Floods in Somaliland region Update

Brief description of the situation

In 2013, the Gu’ rains started in the middle of one of the hottest, hardest and harshest times that have been experienced in the Sool region, Somaliland. On Thursday, 21st March 2013, heavy rains were experienced in some parts of the region including the capital town of Lasanod bringing much relief to the community.
Several districts of the region like the Hawd area (Ogo), Nugal Valley, the Sool Plateau known for water scarcity received good rains resulting in the filling of empty Berkeds (water reservoir) .Plenty of water is also visible in the dams, gullies and natural swamps. Fresh grass and pastures have grown vastly in the affected areas as the livestock and other animals begin to nourish again after undergoing long semi – drought conditions.
Unlike the previous rains received in the region, this season the rains have intensified, have bigger droplets and produced more water with in short period of time. in Lasanod district alone, the rain gauge indicated; 230mm in 45 min, 110mm in 15 min and 100mm in 7 min. This is one of the highest rates recorded from the area in recent years.
One person was killed by lightening strike in Farxaskulle, Lasanod district, together with his 80 goats and sheep. 450 households in Lafaweyne village, Huddun district were affected by floods with 5 of them being washed away.
Household properties were also destroyed by the raging floods.

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