DMIS: Rwanda | Flash floods | Rwanda Long rains started until June 2013

Brief description of the situation

Since April 2013, long rains have started in parts of the country and it is expected to continue into the month up to June 2013 in the most of the areas as per the current weather forecasts from Rwanda Metrological Agency. Currently, we have started to experience floodig in the northwest and windstorms in the eastern region but the disaster situation is expected to worsen towards the last week of April.

To date the flash floods & rainstorms have hit 7 districts out of 12 that are prone to disasters of this forecast. This caused extensive damage to properties and resulting into 7 deaths. Some of the displaced persons due to flash floods caused by river Sebeya are now accommodated by their neighbours and others are hosted by relatives and friends. Over 23 families have been displaced.

The areas expected to be highly affected are the locations along the Sebeya River which receives flash floods from the highlands of Virunga Mountains and also the areas that are associated by windstorm which has little cover of vegetation.

Rwanda RC emergency teams have supported rapid assessments, search and rescue, victim evacuation along the Sebeya River and also interventions include distribution of Non–Food Items (NFIs) and community sensitisation. The immediate interventions were conducted based on emergency team rapid assessments in collaboration with the local authorities and supported by the local Medias working in the affected areas.

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