DMIS: Nigeria – Other : Attacks on Baga in Borno

Brief description of the situation
There is an unconfirmed report of the killing of 180 civilians in the town of Baga, 93 kilometres north of Maiduguri the capital of Borno state in North-east Nigeria. Most of the deaths recorded is said to be as a result of the ensuing fire that broke out and damaged homes and properties. However, the number of those killed is said to be much higher than is being quoted in the media. The local Nigerian Red Cross Society (NRCS) branch in Borno reported that the incident occured on Saturday 20 April 2013. Security concerns could not allow a preliminary assessment of the situation. So far 187 dead have been buried while 77 are on admission in the hospital Over 300 houses burnt down
According to sources, unknown gunmen attacked a military formation in Baga reportedly killing two soliders. Soldiers then retaliated with shoot-at-sight despite civilians reportedly being used as shields. The Military has cordorned-off the entire area denying access to all responders. NRCS staff and volunteers have requested security clearance to access the area but this has as yet not been provided.
In a related development, there is a report from NRCS Biu division that another group of unknown gunmen have attacked a Police Barracks in Biu town on Monday (22nd April, 2013) around 7:00am. Biu is about 200 Kms to the south of Maiduguri the Borno state capital

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