DMIS: Myanmar | Fire | Blaze destroys 130 houses in Mandalay

Brief description of the situation

The local media reported two fire incidents in Mandalay region this morning. The first fire broke out at East Chipar, Tampawady ward of Chan Myathazi Township in Mandalay region about 2:05 am this morning and the second fire reported at 5:45am in Pyigyidagun Township of Mandalay region. The local fire dept deployed fire engines and extinguished the major flames within 2 hours.

According to Myanmar Red Cross Mandalay Region Grade One Officer, about 120 houses (150 HH) in Chan Myathazi Township and about 10 houses (13 HH) in Pyigyidagun Township were destroyed. All 163 families are temporarily staying in local monastery. The local authority is investing the cause of fires. So far no casualties reported yet.

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