DMIS: Dominica – Collapse : 2 Dead, 1 injured after road collapse

Brief description of the situation

The passage of a low pressure trough which dumped 13″ of rain over the past 72 hours on the northeast of the island resulted in the collapse of an area of road leading to the main airport and opening up a 40′ deep chasm. A vehicle conveying three members of the National Football Team to the airport plunged into this chasm at 5.30 a.m. One team member was able to exit the mangled vehicle to safety but the other two occupants remained trapped and were pronounced dead on-site.

Meanwhile several communities in the north and east of the island have experienced flooding and landslides. The airport was temporarily closed this morning when the river running alongside the airport surged over the river retaining wall, flooding sections of the compound. Schools were closed for the day due to the high risk of landslides occurring. Rainfall ceased around mid-morning and since then water levels have been subsiding.

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