DMIS: Bangladesh – Other : Building collapsed

Brief description of the situation
A eight storied building in Savar nearby the capital city collapsed this morning. So far 80 dead body has been recovered while more than 800 is injured and feared to be trapped inside the rubble. The building contained a clothing factories, a bank and several other shops. Bangladesh Army and Fire service, Civil Defense and police are conducting the rescue and evacuation operation. A team of BDRCS trained volunteers is on the ground and assisting the rescue and evacuation operation. Ten team from the Ministry of Health has been deployed on the spot. Injured people are being shifted to the hospital if required. However, thousand of crowd hampering the response operation in terms of reaching the spot as well as shifting the injured persons to the hospital.
Army has established mobile treatment tent/camp for providing primary health service.
Personnel of Enam Medical College reported that more than 450 people had been admitted to the hospital with injuries. A further 350 people, most of them garment workers, received first aid at the hospital without being formally admitted.
Currently water bottles have been supplied to the collapsed structure for the injured and trapped people.

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