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Brief description of the situation
A eight storied building in Savar nearby the capital city collapsed this morning. So far 85 dead body has been recovered while more than 800 is injured and feared to be trapped inside the rubble. Locals said around 6,000 workers used to work in the four factories located in the building, although it is unclear how many were in the building when it collapsed. A massive rescue mission is now under way by the Bangladesh army, Fire service & civil Defense, Bangladesh police in association with Bangladesh Red Crescent Society(BDRCS), Bangladesh Scout. Border Guard Bangladesh has joined the rescue operation in afternoon. Injured people are being transported to the hospital nearby. Hundreds of people are still trapped in the rubble. A private TV channel reported that 25 people are trapped under a beam in the 2nd floor of the collapsed structure. According to the Government source, rescue operation is likely to continue for three days. So far the Enam medical college Hospital has already treated more than 800 people. The dead bodies are being shifted and kept to the Enam medical college hospital. BDRCS sent 92 body bags in the morning while ICRC sent additional 200 body bags in the afternoon.
The rescue operation is hampered due to dense mob in 2 km areas of the incident place.

The ICRC team is also on the spot. They provided 200 body bags to support the dead body management. IFRC, BD Delegation supporting BDRCS in rescue, FA, medical operation.

Currently bottled water has been supplied to the collapsed structure for the injured and trapped people. NGOs are providing water and ORS(Oral Rehydration Salina) for the rescuers.
BDRCS has launched an appeal to the nation for voluntary blood donation through electronic media so as to supply blood for wounded people.

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