DMIS: Afghanistan – Flash floods : Flash floods

Brief description of the situation
Flash flood s occurred in Balkh province in northern Afghanistan on 23 April affecting the districts of Keshendeh, Sholgar, Zarea, Charkent and the villages of camp Sakhi, Karta-e-Parsa, Karta-e-Habib, Camp Mohajerin Ali Chopan, Mazar International Airport, Mehrab Abad, Karta-e-Ishani, Karta-e-Amani, and Sajjadai in the eastern part of Mazar city.

An estimated 2, 500 houses have been affected in the eastern part of Mazar city alone. The new airport terminal and runway has been inundated by water. Flights into and out of Mazar city have been suspended. A total of 14 people have been reported dead and 10 more have been reported missing. The casualties are mostly children. About 90 percent of the people living in the eastern part have been evacuated to safe sites inside Mazar city.

Except for some parts of the eastern part of Mazar city which is inundated by water the rest of the areas are accessible.

ARCS reported 14 people had been killed and 10 more mostly children were missing. The destruction in Sholgar district seems to be more extensive compared to the other districts.

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