DMIS: Afghanistan – Earthquake : Earthquake

Brief description of the situation
An earthquake registering 5.6 on the Richter scale occurred at 13.55 hours on 24 April in the eastern region of Afghanistan causing extensive damage to property and the loss of life in Nangahar and Kunar provinces. This was the strongest earthquake recorded in 30 years.

The earthquake affected a total of 18 districts of Kameh, Dehbala, Lalpur, Surkhrud, Kheway, Shearzad, Khugiani, Chaparhar, Darenoor, Goshtah, Darbaba, Momendarh, Bahsud, Jalalalabad, Batikot, Hasarak, Spinghar and Achshien. In Nangahar province, a total of 581 houses were either partially or completely destroyed and 15 people were killed and another 110 injured. The most affected district was Lalpur were 215 houses were destroyed and two people died.

In Kunar province, the earthquake was felt in the four districts of Nurgul, Kunar, Tarkani and Chowki causing partial and complete destruction of 221 houses. Two people died and seven were injured.

The epicentre of the earthquake was in Langman and Nuristan provinces though no damage to property or loss life was reported in the two provinces.

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