DMIS: Indonesia – Rail accident : Mount Dieng Alert Level II

Brief description of the situation

Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Agency (PVMBG) has raised the level status of Mount Dieng in Banjarnegara district from normal (Level I) into Waspada (level II) on 11 March 2013. Since the scientists recorded increasing the activity based on the result of observation and monitoring by visual and measurement emission of toxic levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the Timbang Crater in Batur Village.

The Timbang crater had showed increased activities while other craters — Sileri, Sinila, Siglagah, Condrodimuko and Sikidang — had not shown any visual changes.

Recorded On 7 until March 9, 2013 observed the flow of CO2 gas from the crater move into the south as far as 50-100 m from the Timbang crater. The white smoke with weak pressure blows to the south. Smelled a strong odor of sulfur, do not look any sublimation of sulfur and no sounds blazer at around the crater. It was found a dead cat at the area.

Carrying On (3/10/2013) at 05:30 pm to 0.71% by volume. CO2 gas concentration values crater Weigh on March 9 to 10 has exceeded safe levels for health is below 0.5% by volume.

PVMBG warned to the community to keep calm down and not to do activities around the crater within radius 500 meters and to stay alert.

Indonesian Redcros (PMI) Central Java Province has alerted to PMI Banjar Negara District and Wonosobo to activate Command Post (POSKO) to monitor and report situation of the volcano, coordinate with local authority and local BPBD. PMI Central java Province has also urged to prepared for the relief aid.

Based on the Contingency Plan of BPBD, 2 evacuation point in Village office and High School building in Batur has been prepared by Team to anticipate the Possible emergency.

DMIS Will be updated accordingly based on the further report.


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