DMIS: Serbia – Flash floods : Kosovo Flash Floods

Brief description of the situation

Due to the heavy rain since yesterday that lasted more than 24 hours several municipalities in Kosovo reported floods. and. So far Klina is reported to be mostly flooded by Drini I Bardhe river. According to news 250 families has to be evacuated from Zajm village in Klina municipality as the water level reached 1.5 meters. Other villages have been affected as well but no detailed information received yet. In this municipality also material damages have been reported. According to head of municipality, he has informed emergency team to assist inhabitants and also he informed Kosovo Security Forces to assist in evacuation. In Peja mainly city centre is flooded. Due to the strong wind in Kamenica two houses were affected and Gjakova is also affected by the floods.

From floods, one causality reported in Skenderaj, village Izbice at around 17:00 hours yesterday. The victim is on her way home from the school one 10 years old girl slipped and felt in the river. Rain didn’t stop all night and flooded also other parts of Skenderaj such as: Llaushe, Kline, Tushille and Acareve. Some houses in some areas have been blocked from the flood of river Klina. A particular problem in the flooded areas has been an overflowing of the sewage system with raw sewage water running in the streets.

The road that leads to border crossing Brnjak from Zubin Potok is also blocked . This blockage is due to the land slide in Medexhu Porok between tunnel 6 and 7. In This happened at around 20:00 last night due to the heavy rain. Police in on spot together with KFOR. In Mitrovica (south) due to heavy rain some areas in the city and villages have been flooded. River Lushta flooded area called Bair and have blocked some inhabitants movement there. Similar situation is also in village Reke, from river Trepca.

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