DMIS: Myanmar | Update Inter-communal Unrest

Brief description of the situation

Inter-communal violence has erupted in Myanmar over the last week, destroying hundreds of homes, shops and religious buildings. In Meikhtila, a total of 12,846 people are estimated to have been displaced, including 9,563 now living in five temporary locations (3 schools, 1 education college and a football stadium) and another 3,283 in local monasteries. According to the second UNOCHA sitrep, 40 people have been killed and 61 injured in the fighting and a total of 2,245 houses (estimated) have been destroyed.

A state of emergency remains in place for four townships in Meikhtila (Mahliang, Meikhtila, Thazi, and Wundwin). Security has now been restored with some markets and shops reopening.

Tensions are on the rise in other parts of the country. Isolated acts of arson were reported in Yamethin (65km south of Meikhtila) on 24th March and on 25th March sporadic arson attempts occurred in Okpho and Gyobingauk (Bago Region). Local media reported hundreds of people had destroyed one religious building and 14 houses in Zee Gone Township and one religious building was also destroyed by a mob in Minhla yesterday. The govt has imposed a curfew in six townships of Bago region.

On 26 March the inter-agency rapid assessment team (composed of Action Aid, AMDA, CESVI, Myanmar Red Cross Society, Save the Children International, UNICEF, UNOCHA, and WFP) completed its assessment in all affected locations.

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