DMIS: Myanmar | Civil unrest | Communal Unrest

Brief description of the situation

A communal violence reported in Meik Htila township, Mandalay region (central part of Myanmar) on 19 March when a couple from nearby Pyun Kauk village visited a gold shop at about 10 am to test the quality of the golden hairclip. Tests apparently revealed the items to be fake, which resulted in a fight between the Buddhist husband and Muslim gold shop employees that left the husband with a head injury. This news resulted violence between the Muslims and Buddhist populations in Meik Htila township. The Buddhist monk was reportedly among the first killed, leading a mob to set fire nearly 200 houses/shops, 13 mosques and township education office.

According to the initial reports, 32 people were killed with many injuries. About 10,000 populations were displaced and are now staying in temporary camps. A total nine camps were set up in Meik Htila township. 5 camps are located in different schools and other 4 camps where located in the 4 monasteries were organized by the communities. The state of emergency imposed in the 4 townships in Mandalay Region on 22nd March is still in place. The security situation is reported to be tense.

The above incident has also spread the neighbouring townships and according to local media, one mosque and 55 houses were set on fire in Yamin Thin township of Mandalay region on 22 March 2012. Small incidents also reported in Lewai township where 2 villages were affected to due to this violence.

Number of affected: +10.000

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