DMIS: Tajikistan – Extreme winter condition : Extream wheather condition

Brief description of the situation
Temperatures dropping from minus 35 to 55 Celsius and heavy snowfall have completely isolated several villages in Murgab district of Badakshan province over the past few weeks.

The weather forecasts have predicted that the cold weather and snow blast will continue for the next few weeks as well, potentially causing further damages to villages, shortages in electricity and blockage of transportation routes.

Only in Murgab district center people receiving electricity for two hours and in eleven villages until now there has been no electricity, the staffs of the electricity company has been working round the clock trying to fix power lines.

The snow blast started from 20 January 2013 and since then it has continued snowing.

The most affected areas are Murgab district administrative center and villages in Alichur jamoat, the remotest place in the district.

Blocked roads, power shortages and broken communication lines made it almost impossible to reach the affected areas.

As a result of low temperatures and high precipitation level, which led to failure of energy sources and isolation of the whole area, the population of the Murgab district has faced problems with energy and warming supplies and it worsened the life condition of the most vulnerable households.

According to the preliminary information, some 1.200 households (6,000 people) are in very difficult situation.

Schoolchildren attendance in the schools decreased down to 50-60%.

Households are heating the houses once a day and some of them even have not this opportunity.

The number of people with frostbite of extremities is five persons; the number of people with acute respiratory disease is 2.500 people.

This is not the final figures, as according to the head of Murgab district hospital, the number of patients in the hospitals and medical points is increasing day by day.

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