DMIS: Solomon Islands – Tsunami : Earthquake and Tsumani

Brief description of the situation
At 12.12pm a 8.0 magnitude undersea earthquake occurred 33km West-Southwest of the Santa Cruz Islands and generated a destructive tsunami. At 12.23pm the SI Meteorological Service issued a tsunami warning for 5 provinces in Solomon Islands; Temotu, Malaita, Makira-Ulawa, Central and Guadalcanal. By 1.18pm the threat to the 5 Provinces had been assessed and for Guadalcanal and Temotu this was downgraded to watch status. The tsunami warning remained in effect for Temotu, Makira-Ulawa and Malaita Provinces until 5pm. Approximately 40 aftershocks have occurred. DART buoys measured wave heights of 0.9m (3ft) near Lata Wharf.

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