DMIS: Serbia – Floods

Brief description of the situation
After heavy rainfall accompanied with hail and thunder, which on Monday, February 25, late afternoon affected Bujanovac, Vranje, Trgovište and the wider environment, at night and on Tuesday, February 26 flash floods hit Bujanovac municipality (part of city New settlement, villages Oslare, Levosoje and Rakovac), in Preševo (village Train Station), while in Vranje and in Trgovište caused a sudden increase in water levels in local rivers, without causing serious damages.
In Bujanovac, about 60 houses were flooded and evacuated about 100 people (more than twenty families), who are placed in homes of their friends or relatives. In Preševo was flooded about 50 homes, without evacuation of vulnerable families, while in Trgovište has declared an emergency situation.
Coordination between the Red Cross structures, local authorities and other disaster response subjects, carried out through the emergency bodies, while on higher level the Red Cross of Serbia and the State Emergency body have established regular exchange of information.

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