DMIS: Indonesia – Volcano : Rokatenda Volcano Eruption

Brief description of the situation
Mount Rokatenda in Sikka, East Nusa Tenggara Erupted on 3 February 2013 21.45 Local time. The Volcano spewed volcanic ash material as high as 300 -4000 meters to the sky.

The Volcanology and Geologycal Disaster Mitigation Center (PVMBG) increased the alert level status III into IV (red alert) it means the community living around the slope should be evacuated away from disaster-prone area.

2000 people expected to be evacuated, the local Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) establish four shelter point in Meumere ( Gelora Samador, Waturia, Hawuli and Patisambaeat) to evacuate IDPs. .Meanwhile, based on coordination meeting with PMI Sika district, Basarnas, Military Police, Social, Health Department and other stakeholder on 3 February 2013 resulted PMI and BPBD focuse in registering IDPs in Gelora Samador, Waturia by Social and Health Department, other will be decided on further coordination meeting.

BPBD has also arranged 1 unit ship and 1 Bus to evacuate displacement people from Palue Island towards Maumere. currently there has been 186 IDPs who willing to be evacuate, due to the security issue of their assets. In the other hand they rejected to be evacuated at the shelter points that have been provided earlier in Meumere and prefer headed into Ropa village.

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