DMIS: Indonesia – Storm surge : Tropical Storm in Pangkep South Sulawesi

Brief description of the situation
PMI South Sulawesi Reported Strong wind followed by heavy rain created tropical storm struck 2 villages, in 2 sub-district of Pangkep District, South Sulawesi Province 20 February 2013, 18.30 local time affected to 4,707 population. About 500 residents has been forced to leave their home to saver place located at 2 local mosque nearby those villages and other residents staying in their relatives.

The most affected impact was in Manakku Village of Labakkang Subdistrict with 300 IDPs, 15 unit of houses were major damages, 65 others minor damages. In the other hand in Pitue Village, Marang Subdistrict 10 units of houses were major damage, 35 minor damage, many trees at those villages were collapsed as well as electrical were black-out. there is no report about people dead and injury caused of the disaster.

Immediated need :

– Terpauline and Family Kit.

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