DMIS: Indonesia – Floods : Flood in Manado City North Sulawesi

Brief description of the situation
As the preliminary report from North Sulawesi recorded, heavy rain in Manado the capital city of North Sulawesi since Saturday 16 February 2013. After heavy rain in Manado and nearby cities , the lake overflowed and huge of flood water swept at least 12 sub-district in Manado city. Thausand of houses submerged by th flood including hundred of houses collaps while many people identified has been killed trapped at their houses. It is also reported the Municipal office of Manado submerged by the flood. The water depth variate between 1 -3 meter created many access road has cut off.

Flooding has also created landslide in several point in Wania sub-district sucha as Citralaend residential, taling village and etc. The landslide has burried several houses at those areas.

PMI Manado district has mobilized 50 volunteers to evacuate victims utilized by 2 Units Ambulance and 1 unit rubberboat. PMI Manado municipal has overwhelmed capacity to cope the disaster and request asistence to PMI Province. PMI North Sulawesi Province has alerted to 30 Satgana, mobilized 12 Satgana utilized by 1 Units Ambulance, 1 Unit Operational Car, 2 units Field Kitchen and 12 Radio Telecommunication through the field.

PMI and stakeholder such as Local Disaster Managment agency (BPBD), local Health depertement, Social service Agency, Search and Rescue Agency as well as Rapi (local Amateour Radio Asosiation) conduct joint team to evacuate the victim and has found 10 dead people with detailed 6 people in Citraland Residential, 4 people in telling village. One of 4 dead people in telling village is PMI’s volunteers namely Charless Teroreh.

Currently the local BPBD is cinducting coordination meeting with local govt and other agencies.

PMI Post Command will keep update the information from PMI Province North Sulawesi and field

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