DMIS: Indonesia – Floods : Flood in Jakarta Update V

Brief description of the situation

The flooding still occurred in several area in Jakarta and nearby due to heavy rainfall in around Jakarta, Bogor, Bekasi and Bandung. The effect of heavy rain caused many water levels in Katulampa, Manggarai, Krukut etc increasing rapidly. It’s also triggered flooding caused overflowing water in Ciliwung (main flow of the river nearly 120 km).

In Cikeas Rivers (28 km along river), the embankment as far as 50 meter collapsed and submerged residential near the river. the flooding carried out mud and other waste material has contaminated many well and environments around the community in the affected area.

On 7 February, heavy rain also occurred during working hour caused almost all main roads in surrounding Jakarta inundated as high as 30 – 50 cm caused traffic Jam.

On 9 February Kampung Pulo and Kampung Melayu, East Jakarta Municipal, the flooding comes again due to the heavy rain in upstream area in Bogor and also in Jakarta. Meanwhile in South Jakarta municipal, flooding as high as 1 meter has affected 500 houses in Kramat Pela village, Kebayoran Baru sub-district.

According to Indonesian Agency for Meteorological, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) monthly forecast for February 2013 potential heavy rainfall with 300 – 400 mm followed by strong wind still ongoing within this month.

Even the government emergency response phase ended on 27 January the heavy rainfall still happening and indicated the flooding potentially still high.

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