DMIS: Indonesia – Floods : Flood in Bojonegoro

Brief description of the situation
Heavy rain caused water debit in Bengawan Solo River (the biggest River that passes through Surakarta city in Central java and also several city in East Java such as Ngawi, Blora, Bojonegoro, Lamongan and Gresik) created overflowing water in Bojonegoro since 17 February 2013 10.00 local time.

According to BNPB recorded 59 vilages in 12 Sub-district inundated resulted 1,461 houses, 1,725 hectares of rice field, and 30 km road has been affected by the flood. While PMI Command Post in Bojonegoro East Java reported 112 Villages, in 13 Sub-district in Bojonegoro District inundated to 3,402 House hold, 2,779 hectares rice field and 222 hectares of crops field resulted lot of loses for the community.

2,660 people in the affected area has been evacuated to saver places located at CH Mansur street, ledo wetan Village and another location in along the river banks nearby lido Ledo village an Ledo Kulon.

PMI Bojonegoro District has conducted quick response to giving humanitarian assistance to the community by doing assessment, evacuation, establishment field kitchen to produce 3000 packages ready cooked meals/day and distribute it to several evacuation point by mobilizing 15 Satgana and 12 Youth volunteers. In doing field kitchen operation, PMI works together with social service agency and BPBD.

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