FILM: 20 Jahre TAC

Sollte es in dieser Form überall geben. Ein wirklich schockierendes, aufrüttelndes Video, schön am Samstagabend gemeinsam anzuschauen, und darüber zu reden.

Transport Accident Act 1986

” The TAC is a Victorian Government-owned organisation set up in 1986. Its role is to pay for treatment and benefits for people injured in transport accidents. It is also involved in promoting road safety in Victoria and in improving Victoria’s trauma system. Funding used by the TAC to perform these functions comes from payments made by Victorian motorists when they register their vehicles each year with VicRoads. The TAC is a “no-fault” scheme. This means that medical benefits will be paid to an injured person – regardless of who caused the accident. Legislation guides the TAC in the types of benefits it can pay and any conditions that apply. This legislation is called the Transport Accident Act 1986. To ensure it remains a long-term compensation scheme, the TAC uses its funds fairly and responsibly. This ensures the TAC is able to meet the needs of seriously injured people who need lifetime care.

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