DMIS: Platzregen in Sri Lanka

While people around the world celebrated Christmas and then the New Year, catastrophic flooding sliced through the island nation of Sri Lanka, leaving thousands homeless and more than 400,000 impacted—many without the basic needs to survive.During the last two weeks, a continuous downpour of rain fueled flooding throughout a large portion of the island. Now, at least seven people are missing. The floodwater have destroyed around 4,000 homes and damaged 20,000 others. They have also caused landslides, blocked transportation and wiped out thousands of acres of crops.
The number of deaths following floods and landslides increased to 43 while seven persons are still reported missing. Twenty two persons injured are hospitalized, the Disaster Management Centre (DMC) said.According to the latest assessment, the flooding and landslide had fully damaged 4,249 houses; another 24,036 houses are reported partially damaged and more than 110,750 families (around 400,000 people) have been affected since heavy rain started on 17th December 2012.

In the meantime, the number of the displaced people sheltered in evacuation centers has been decreasing as some families return to their homes. According to the latest reports 1,650 families (5,284 people) are now in 33 evacuation centers, mostly schools and community centers, after being forced from their homes mainly two weeks days ago.

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