DMIS: Sierra Leone · Feuerkatastrophe

The current season in Sierra Leone is always inundated with fire related accidents and incidences. This year is no exception as reports reaching headquarters indicated that all the houses in three villages have been completely gutted down with fire leaving its residents with no shelter or any other means of accommodation.

Cause of fire was not known in all the villages, but as Sierra Leone is experiencing the Harmatten wind, (December to March) which is a dry dusty wind blowing across the Sahara desert right through costal West African countries, we usually experience frequent bush fires leading to the burning of huge farmlands, villages and other environmental entities.

Bompilia village in Bonthe district and Dandabu village in Pujehun district lost all 45 houses in the two communities excluding a mosque and 10 fishing bands. Other subsistence resources like fishing nets and accessories were all burnt.

This has rendered the residents in the two communities homeless and deprived of basic leaving standards.

via DMIS | Monitoring | Report.

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