DMIS: Zimbabwe · Flutsituation

Continuted rainfall which started about three weeks ago have now reached unprecedented levels and have triggered numerous flood emergencies in most parts of the country. The National Society has been inundated by numerous reports of disasters with varying degrees of damage including inter alia, livelihoods, shelter and even loss of lives.

We have been closely monitoring the situation, through field assessments by some provincial staff and volunteers, the local media including updates from social networking sites and from key stakeholders like the Civil Protection Units CPU) at all levels. Six provinces (Matebeleland South, Matebeleland North, Midlands, Masvingo and Manicaland) have so far sent in reports of disasters in their provinces. There is still need to continuously gather information as the rains are continuing with meteorological services predicting unabated downpours.

However all information gathered so far indicate towards a very dire situation and the need for swift response to prevent further loss of life and to harness the risk factors arising from the disaster. The following shall give a situational over view of the nature and extent of disaster per province, current interventions by ZRCS, CPU and other stakeholders.

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