DMIS: Weissrussland · extreme Kälte

Freezing weather has already killed 3 persons in Belarus over the past few days and temperatures are set to drop even further according to weather forecasts.

The second half of January 2013 has been marked by severe frosts and snowfalls, for which many of Belarus citizens turned to be unprepared. People are being affected by extreme frosts. The current temperatures are below minus 20 C degree during night and minus 17 C degree during day light.

In Belarus, during the harsh winter period, 1.325 people have been delivered to hospitals with various traumas caused by frostbite. Overall, it is estimated that more than 10.000 people have been affected and three people died of hypothermia.

Frost will reach minus 25 degrees at night in the period of 25 -28 of January. Northern wind with strength 6 to 7 m/sec will contribute to severe frost conditions.

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