DMIS: Sudan · 80.000 Obdachlose

The recent civil unrest areas are located in North Darfur which is coming out as a result of mining conflict. The records are presenting 78,512 (13,686 families) to be considered as displaced due to the fighting. Some of the IDPs population (500) had fled to the West Darfur coming to Algeniena.

The number of missing, injuaries and death are still estimations that need to be confirmed later.

Recently SRCS is providing health support after doing the registration process. The main diseases reported are chest and scale infections. Since some of the affected groups (the miners) are coming from other parts of the country i.e. Gezira and the Northern States and the IOM is willing to take them back home.

The majority of the affected had moved to El serief, Garra and Kabkabiyia in North Darfur where SRCS groups are also providing basic health care and the registration as well. There are two emergency action teams were mobilized. The total number of volunteers deployed is 200, 6 staff members and 40 memebers of the emergancy action teams.

SRCS start receiving requests from INGOs to distribute various items since they do not have access to these areas. The authorities are very restrict in providing access to INGOs.

The main need is food, NFIs (health) and watsan requrements which will be provided by the INGOs and the UN institutions concerned. SRCS is recently challegned by the provison of the operational/ running costs. However, UN and WFP will cover the logistical needs.

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