DMIS: Palästina · Springflut

The PRCS has raised its response to high alert due to the widespread adverse weather conditions in the oPT since yesterday.

The continuous heavy rain has affected very badly various areas in the West bank and the Gaza Strip. Floods have caused a number of injuries and unfortunately losses of life, in addition to damages to property. Therefore, the PRCS has dispatched its teams DM teams to the affected areas in order to asseass their needs.

Following this, the teams have provided relief items (Blankets, Mattresses, kitchen sets, hygiene kits, plastic sheets … etc) to around 150 families (1000 persons). It is expected to have more rain and even snow. Therefore, the PRCS will have to expand its relief operation to respond to the increasing humanitarian needs of the people.

The PRCS will need more relief items to be distributed for the most affected communities.

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