DMIS: Seychellen · Springflut & Erdrutsch

Severe flood and landslide in Seychelles, resulting from a Tropical Depression in the Indian Ocean, have badly affected at least 135 houses and counting, leading to the displacement of over 25 families.
From 4am on Sunday 27th January 2013 landslides, in some instances dragging huge boulders down the hillsides, crashed into many houses, in the Eastern coastal districts of Anse Aux Pins, Point Larue and Au Cap.
These above coastal districts have been the three most badly hits districts on Mahe, the main Island.
They were also completely flooded, inhibiting access by emergency services, to trapped victims. This situation was worsened by the high tide of 1.8 m occurring later in the afternoon. The main road from Victoria to these districts was completely inaccessible.

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