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Recently the country have experienced increased rainfall across the country is causing flooding in selected parts of the country. The following have been some of the damaged and effects.1. In total, 5 schools have been partially damaged due to storms: 1 school in Mumbwa, 2 Ndola & 2 in Mwinilunga.

2. Kafue floods affected about 125 (households), 750 people last week, the local council moved in to clear out the blocked drainages in the area that have been causing floods and urged families to find alternative area upland. Community sensitisation has started in affected areas by satellite DM committees.

3. The water levels in the Zambezi river is rising so fast, this has already caused river line and hydrological flooding in north western part of the country which is the source of the Zambezi river. A detailed update will follow later as the satellite disaster management committee which Zambia Red Cross is a member of, are already and providing updates.

4.The Zambezi River Authority (ZRA) and DMMU have issued a warning to all residents downstream Kafue River and near Itezhi Tezhi hydro power station as they are likely to release water at short notice due to rapid increase of water, a protective measure for the hydro power station.

5. A community dam in Mazabuka S Nega Nega has busted, sweeping away livestock and maize crops. Approximately five hectors of maize fields are affected and 30 families have taken shelter at near by community school, according to preliminary report by the village headmen in the area.

According to ZMD low pressure over the western half of Zambia is expected to influence moist and unstable airflow during the period from 15 to 21 January 2013. This is likely to enhance heavy localized rainfall.

Further updates to follow shortly.

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