DMIS: Mozambik · Überschwemmungen II

An update on the flooding situation based on recent field reports from CVM:

•CHOKWE: The entire town has been evacuated to a relocation area called Chilaquelane, on the way to Chokwe via Macia, easily reachable via Maputo, unless Incomati river will start also to overflowing in the coming days.
The camp unfortunately was not organized despite the 48 hours alert and it is estimated some 60/70,000 people “accommodated” there including surrounding communities out of Chokwe. To date, registration list or official number of families are not available.
The main priority is shelter and clean water however people basically need everything, including food, blankets, mosquito nets, latrines ets…
CVM manage to distribute 60 tents to accommodate about 600 vulnerable persons, three tanks of water (5,000 liters each), some mosquito nets, buckets and certeza. FIPAG in Macia to refill the water tank using trucked water.
UNHABITAT depolyed shelter kits from Maputo, mainly tents. However, it is not clear yet how many additional families were accommodated. Save the Children is also there making assessment.
INGC is starting to distribute some very basic food items such as rice and oil (not so helpful since they have no cooking resources available).
If the weather stablises in the region it is estimated that in two weeks time people will be able to go back to Chokwe. Already a few families are able to go back to check the condition of their houses.
The return will be very challenging in terms of sanitation and water. Many houses have been destroyed and need to be reconstructed. There will be a huge need for sanitation, mosquito nets, shelter, kitchen set, blankets in two weeks time to support the return of families. Chokwe officially is inhabited by 6,000 households but CVM also has to consider the additional surrounding.
CVM volunteers have been working very hard to support their own communities and have also been personally affected.

•XAI XAI: The 48 hours alert called by the INGC has been working much better in Xai Xai town. The unsecure area was efficiently evacuated. Families moved to the upper safe zone. Majority of them moved to relatives’ houses and managed to take with them their belongings. Those not able to be accommodated with relatives went straight to an accommodation centre which was well prepared to receive families. They have been registered properly by the municipality and accommodated in three different building. The centre has proper toilets and additional latrines have been provided. Water is not a problem. So far some 250 households have been accommodated there. The number could be bigger since the data corresponding at the time of the ongoing arrival of families (yesterday late morning)
At the moment the water has not reach yet the peak which was actually expected for last night. The road to Maputo is closed and by the end of the day the water is expected to get the higher level and start then to decrease.
Same issue of sanitation and reconstruction when people will return home, although the water should be absorbed and dry much faster than Chokwe.

•CHIBUTO: Since Chibuto is on upper zone the town itself has not been badly affected. The main problem is the surrounding communities, most of which are right now isolated and reachable only by boat. There is also a transit centre there with about 250 households. Out of that there are three more safe area in the surrounding community with a total of 140 households.
These areas are open spaces and once again no tents, no sanitation no water. One huge challenge in Chibuto was to convince the families to move on time. Until the last moment they refuse to move spontaneously.
For isolated communities, assessments are ongoing.

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