DMIS: Indonesien Überschwemmungen V

Flooding in Jakarta, Banten and West Java has subside and remains inundated water in 5 point in North Jakarta while in West Jakarta remains 1 point with 30 – 40 cm deep

Meteorology Climatology Geology Agency (BMKG)predicted heavy rainfall expected occurred across Indonesia until March 2013 and advised the community to keep stay alert for subsequent flood.

Currently Many wells contaminated by wastewater cause of flooding meanwhile the condition get worse by the lack of clean water. Since 21 January 2013 PMI has been mobilizing 4 units Water Treatment Plants to produce clean water 120,000 ltr/day to meet the need of the community affected by flood . The source water point located at Sunter Lake in North Jakarta. There are 19 units truck tank have also been mobilized to Jakarta, Banten and West Java to distribute clean water.

Flood victims are starting to suffer various diseases, PMI has been providing Health services to assisst hundreds of patients. The most cases are Dermatitis and diarrhea.

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