DMIS: Indonesien · Überschwemmungen II

Continiouse Heavy raining in Bogor and sorrounding Jakarta past several days until now caused some sluice gate water level has been increasing rapidly such as Karet Sluice Gate in critical level with 720 cm H (normal 450 cm H), manggarai 970 cm H (normal 760 cm H) while Pulo Gadung, Katulampa, Depok, Pasar Ikan sluice gate in alert level III Others like Angke Hulu, Pesanggrahan, Krukut Hulu, Cipinang Hulu, Sunter Hulu sluice gate in normal level. The increased of Manggarai sluice gate affected to presidential palace and currently has been already flooding.Today, the flooding increasing rapidly, with water level up to 350 cm H in Kampung Pulo East Jakarta. Many access road has cutt of caused economic activity has been disrupted. Many Public transportation like Trans Jakarta has just stop operation today. Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo on Thursday has declare emergency status start from today 17 – 27 January 2013.BNPB mentioned has prepared for anticipated need 11,249 kg rice, 210,915 litre clean water, 70,305 Drinking Water, 9,374 Units Family Kit including Hygiene personal, 9,374 food ware, 469 Units Mobile sanitation, 937 units Garbage dispossal, 3,356 Health Team (1 doctor, 2 nurse, 1 apotecher, 1 nutritionist), 312 Pletoon tent, 9,374 Blanket for 9,300 people in 15 villages across Jakarta contentrated at 7 Evacuation Point. BNPB, BPBD Jakarta, Public Works, Social and Health Ministries, PMI, Military and Police dispatch their teams and emergency logistic assistance.

Posko PMI has identified 25,050 IDPs concentrated in 7 Evacuation point spreaded in Jakarta.

PMI so far has distributed 15.650 meals package to provide food for IDPs.

imediate need :
1. 25,000 meals for 1 week
2.10,000.- blanket and mat
3. 10,000.- mats
4. 7 Rubber boats 10 Units
5. Food Items (rice, instant noodles, ketcup, fried oil, eggs, drinking water to provide 40 field Posko for 2 weeks
6. Health services in 20 points
7. Provide clean water distribution at 20 point for 1 week
8. Relief aid Hygiene kit, Familty Kit, baby kit, food kit @ 10,000 package

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