DMIS: Indonesien · Überschwemmungen III

Current situation PMI Command Post noted, the flood in Jakarta has been increasing due to widespreade flooding in North Jakarta as the impact of the over flowing water in angke river and West Flood Canal, PMI identified the people affected reached 81,345 people in whole Jakarta while 30,366 people displacement spread in 38 evacuation point at 50 villages. 5 people reported hav dead caused electrical sock others drown to the flood, meanwhile 4 people has been trapped in Basement 2 a building around Sudirman.The water level in most sluice gate tends to decreased this mornig but in the evening expected to increase in upcoming 4 hours.

PMI so far has mobilized more than 700 Satgana specialized in assessment, Evacuation, Ambulance, Public Kitchen, heavy vehicle operator, water evacuation and health to provide assistance for the beneficiary.

Some public transportation like Trans Jakarta has start operation today except koridor 8 still stopp operation

PMI have provided 111,650/27,913/day ready to eat meal and 55,825 bread and milk since 15 Janury.

According to BMKG stated the heavy rain and the water level expected to increased until early February.

imediate need :
1. 25,000 meals for 1 week
2.10,000.- blanket and mat
3. 10,000.- mats
4. 7 Rubber boats 10 Units
5. Food Items (rice, instant noodles, ketcup, fried oil, eggs, drinking water to provide 40 field Posko for 2 weeks
6. Health services in 20 points
7. Provide clean water distribution at 20 point for 1 week
8. Relief aid Hygiene kit, Familty Kit, baby kit, food kit @ 10,000 package
9. Medicine to provide 9,500 packet

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