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Cattle pneumonio has be stopted in the country after 40 years of it eradication, The ministry of agriculture and the FAO conducted a joint assessment and 400,000 cattcle should be vacinated from the disaese. the assessment report is showing upward trends of the diease tha if nothing is done now will leads to total disaster in the livestock sector.

FAO has secure funding to provide the all the vaccines need for the 400,000 cattle, and the vaccinnes are arriving in country net month to start the vacinnation of 400,000 heads of cattles, but what is lacking now is the social mobilisation and logistics needed for vacination process, this includes the allowance for vacinators, volunteers for the social mobilisation and vehicles for the vaccination process.

The department responsible for the livestock sector presented a budget at the food security council meeting in the office of the vice president Tuesday amounting to GMD 23,000,000 to cover the vaccination process and its need logistics, therefore GRCS as auxiliary to the governman of the Gambia and a siting member of the food security governing council would want to contrite to the process.

Also the assesment report shows the replacement of the sick cattles, meaning buying the sick cattle from the farmers and replace them, hence the vaccination is not for curing but for prevetion, so the already sick cattle will be purchase from farmers and give them back a new cattles free from the disease. this approache is the prevent the farmers from adapting copping strategies that will not be appropriate and to preserve theri livelihood.

GRCS will provide the detail report of the situaion the following days if the report is shared by the Minisry of Agriculture and FAO, menawhile, the food security council meeting of last Tuesday agreed on a joint assessment of the pocket reminance of the last years food security problem and the impact of fllods on the food security. the assessment will be carried out by WFP, GRCS, NDMA, MOA, FAO etc, funds will aslo be require for this assesment to gaurantee GRCS participation.

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