DMIS: Ethiopia – Civil unrest : 8,423 conflict affected people needs assistan

Brief description of the situation
Summarized report of conflict situation in East and West Harerghe zones of Oromia region
East Harerghe
According to East Harerghe branch conflict situation assessment report conducted 15 January 2013, a total of 7,901 households have been displaced by the conflict between Oromo and Somali tribes living along the boarder of Oromia and Somali regions. The affected districts are Chnatsan,Gursum,Meyu Muluka and Kumbi. Currently the IDPs are living scattered in their survived ethnic groups since January 2013.Only Catholic Church is providing food assistance for the IDPs
No Woreda HHS Family Total
1 Chinatsan 123 260 383
2 Gursum 39 200 239
3 Meyu Muluka 350 1,750 2,100
4 Kunbi 7,389 31,774 39,163
Total 7,901 33,984 41,885

West Harerghe
Similarly in West Harerghe,Mieso woreda,Obensa kebele, 522 households have been displaced due to the conflict arose between Oromo and Somali tribes on 31 January 2013.The conflict situation assessment conducted by the branch reveled that 29 houses fully damaged and the property of 493 households looted by the Somali tribes using bombs and other artilleries. The death of one person and the injury of 3 persons were also reported. Currently the displaced people are sheltered near the shade of trees and some temporarily settled in the neighboring kebeles of Digelu,Saro and Biyo.No support has been given so far from the government and NGOs working in the zone.
Out of the required NFIs, ERCS has the capacity to provide 522 blankets, 25 feeding kits, 522 collapsible jerry cans, 522 soaps and 45 plastic sheeting for West Harerghe zone and feeding kit and plastic sheeting for East Harerghe to satisfy at least the minimum requirements. But addressing the rest of the needs especially in East Harerghe where many people displaced has been found difficult for ERCS as its capacity is limited to reach all. Thus, ERCS kindly requests your office (IFRC or ICRC to fill the gaps indicated in the table below.

Branch Non food items required To be provided by
East Harerghe Woreda HHS Blankets Sleeping mat Feeding kits Kitchen set Jerry cans Soap Plastic sheeting
Chinatsan 123 123 123 2 123 123 123 40 All except feeding kit and plastic sheeting
Gursum 39 39 39 1 39 39 39
Meyu Muluka 350 350 350 3 350 350 350
Kunbi 7,389 7,389 7,389 14 7,389 7,389 7.389
Total 7,901 7,901

West Harerghe Meiso 522 522 522 5 522 522 522 5 ERCS All except sleeping mat and kitchen set
Grand Total 5 8,423 8,423 8,423 25 8,423 8,423 8,423

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